What Is Turnkey Service?

Turnkey is basically a service that is installed or supplied completely and is ready to operate as intended. The term “turnkey” gives the implication that the end user essentially turns a key and starts to use the product or service.
In terms of buying or renting properties, turnkey service means more than just the typical home staging. With this service, the interior design should be completed with furnishings and custom pieces specifically for a given property. The property can be advertised as move-in ready with full furnishings which can have positive impacts for both the seller and potential buyers.
What Does Turnkey Service Offering Mean?
In terms of furniture staging companies, turnkey service means supplying and staging furniture in a home to be sold as-is.
What Is A Turnkey Property?
A turnkey property is simply a fully renovated house or an apartment for which investors can purchase to rent out. This is an asset that an investor can buy that they can immediately start to rent out without having to go through the work of repairing, updating or modifying in any way. Turnkey properties can be a good source of passive income, especially in expensive markets.
Does Turnkey Include Furniture?
Furniture is usually included in a turnkey property. However, the definition of turnkey is a little bit fluid and can mean different things to different people. For the most part, turnkey means that furniture will be included, among other things. You should check with the property listing or agent to confirm these details though.
Does Turnkey Mean Furnished?
Turnkey does not always mean furnished, although it certainly can. This may seem a little confusing at first glance. It is important to note on the property description if it is furnished or not. Turnkey means that a property is move-in ready, but may or may not include all of the furnishings as well.
Who Should Purchase A Turnkey Property?
There are typically two types of people who want to purchase a turnkey property. There are people who are looking for investment opportunities, and those who wish to have a fully functional move-in ready property.
Potential Real Estate Investors
People who want to invest in real estate with minimal effort prefer turnkey properties. Investors will purchase these properties that are renovated and move-in ready, and then rent them out. It is a good opportunity to earn some passive income while at the same time avoiding any of the headaches that accompany renovations.
People Not Willing To Do Home Improvements
Some buyers like to get their hands dirty and make updates or modifications by themselves. If you wish to make a property your own or update it in some way, a turnkey property is probably not the best option for you. Turnkey properties are best for people who are not really willing to do any home improvement projects.
What Are The Benefits Of A Turnkey Furniture Package?
There are many benefits for someone buying or renting an apartment. It can provide a lot of value and save time and money that can be spent elsewhere. Here are some of the main reasons why turnkey furniture packages are popular.
Less Hassle For The Buyer
Moving into a new property can be daunting if you do not have much furniture or furnishings. There is a lot that goes into furnishing that you may not even think about. Such items can include not only furniture, but also rugs, dishes, appliances, cooking utensils and works of art. A new house or apartment with all of this present is a lot less hassle upon moving in.
Save Time And Money
We have all heard the phrase “time is money”. The reason that this is a popular saying is that because your free time is valuable, priceless even. You could spend all of your time after you move into a property buying and assembling furniture, purchasing other furnishings, etc. This would be costly and time consuming. With a turnkey property, you wouldn’t have to worry as much about the time and money needed to set up the place, as this is done for you.
Improve Functional Spaces In The Property
Perhaps you are not an interior designer, or don’t understand functional layout — that is ok. With turnkey packages, the furniture is optimally layed out so that all of the areas in the property are functional. You won’t have spacing issues with the designs of a turnkey furniture property. Everything will be placed so that it improves upon the room’s existing layout.
Expertly Styled Home Furnishings
Turnkey furniture packages allow a home to be styled professionally. The property stylists are experts in home furnishing, layout management and design aesthetics. When you move into one of these properties that has a turnkey furniture package you can expect a high quality, well designed and functional living arrangement.
How Much Does Turnkey Service Cost?
Turnkey services can mean different things as we have learned. Packages can vary from company to company, as well as everything that is included in them. The cost of turnkey service depends upon what company you go with, the area in which you are buying, the amount of rooms the property has, etc. If you want more details, feel free to consult with Quadra to get an accurate price to your exact needs.
Turnkey Service With Quadra

If you are looking for turnkey service in the NYC area, Quadra is the company for you. We provide amazing service and have an excellent reputation in the home staging and furnishing space. We specialize in home staging and provide turnkey services as well. Please feel free to contact us with any questions on how to get started.


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